It’s hard to express how much I enjoy getting mail. As a small child I would take the brightly colored junk mail sent to my family and hoard it in a little “secret” drawer in the bottom of my personal rocking chair. As an adult, I love receiving mail from people that I care for. […]

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One Heart

I’ve had poetry on my mind a lot over the past few weeks, so I’ve decided to start naming my blog posts after poems or lines or quotes that are speaking to me deeply at the moment, and then share them with you, my dear reader, at the end of my post! This is my […]

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Mate Ma’a Tonga Ki Ai!

Just a quick post today about the Rugby League World Cup! First off, Rugby League (*coughLOIcough*) is a very different game than Rugby Union, which is what I played in the states, and is what most of the very famous teams play, like the All Blacks and the Springboks. The Rugby Union World Cup will […]

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Aho uluaki i Koloa’ni

Today I arrived in Koloa Vava’u to begin my two years as a PCV. The Vava’u crew was detained from leaving Nuku’alofa for a day, as anyone affiliated with Peace Corps isn’t allowed to fly in a MA-60 plane. So, yesterday morning, the Ha’apai group flew off early, while the TBU group were slowly picked […]

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Acronyms, yo!

Peace Corps, like any modern bureaucracy, loves it’s acronyms, and let’s be honest, so do I. Typing them is so much easier! With that said, sometimes it can be a bit confusing and I may forget to tell you what I’m writing, so I thought I’d compile a handy dandy list for you, my dear […]

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