Why am I here?

Wow, that title turned existential fast.

Anyways *cough* why I’m here on WordPress is because I am a millennial with opinions, so that means they must be shared on the internet. More importantly, I’m getting ready to depart to Tonga with the Peace Corps, and I need a place to record my thoughts and impressions both as a time capsule for myself, and for my friends and family back home to keep up with! We can call it Keeping Up with Kales Chips. Or something like that.

Historically I am AWFUL at keeping a journal/blog/diary. I actually started this blog over a year ago, made three posts, and completely abandoned it. I’m hoping that because my purpose is to document my adventures, I’ll be a bit better about keeping on. If you, dear reader, are reading this and know who I am, please send me an email with a kick to the hiney to get writing!

I’m currently sitting at the breakfast bar in my brother’s girlfriend’s house, in Bozeman, MT. I’ll use another post to get to how I got here, but the important thing is that in an hour I’ll be leaving with her to go and meet her family for the first time! She’s not MY girlfriend, so I’m not as nervous as I could be, but she is important to Jake, and possibly future family to me, so I hope I make a good impression! Stay tuned for thoughts and feelings!



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