One Heart

I’ve had poetry on my mind a lot over the past few weeks, so I’ve decided to start naming my blog posts after poems or lines or quotes that are speaking to me deeply at the moment, and then share them with you, my dear reader, at the end of my post! This is my […]

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Aho uluaki i Koloa’ni

Today I arrived in Koloa Vava’u to begin my two years as a PCV. The Vava’u crew was detained from leaving Nuku’alofa for a day, as anyone affiliated with Peace Corps isn’t allowed to fly in a MA-60 plane. So, yesterday morning, the Ha’apai group flew off early, while the TBU group were slowly picked […]

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Thoughts from my first week

Tau lava! It’s been 11 days since we landed in Tonga, and 8 days with our host families! I live with a wonderful woman named Fane who is also 27. Fane’s husband is currently in Australia working/visiting family, so Fane and I definitely have a roommate type situation happening. Something that I’ve learned over the […]

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do ALL the tourist things!

Today was Sunday! Beyond going to church, Fane and I arranged to go on an adventure around Tongatapu! I invited Briana to join us, we made a big lunch to bring for a picnic, and off we went! First stop was Fane’s mom’s home to pick up her sister, niece, and brother in law who […]

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

Malo e lelei! I am sitting in the guest house (which is a hostel type situation) in Nuku’Alofa! We landed here after 4 hours in LAX, 11 hours in the air from LAX to Fiji, 10 hours in the Fijian airport in Nadi, and another 1.5 hours in the air from Nadi to Nuku’alofa! I […]

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